Common Landscape Installation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

March 18, 2022

A landscaping job in the U.S. will set you back between $8,000 and $15,000 on average. That’s a lot of cash that could easily go down the drain if you take the wrong approach to landscaping.

Most homeowners have a clear vision of how they want their yard to look and function before their landscape installation exercise. Visualizing your lawn is easy, the difficult part is transforming your vision into reality.

If you have an upcoming landscape installation project, here are a few landscape installation mistakes you should avoid.

Freestyling Your Landscaping Project

The first mistake that could do you in from the get-go is starting your landscape installation without a plan. Contrary to popular thought, landscape design and installation is a complex affair and isn’t something that you can piece together along the way.

Any landscaping project without a concrete plan is doomed to fail. You’ll either end up with a less than functional yard, an ugly-looking yard, or both. Ensure you have a well-laid-out plan before beginning your landscaping project.

Not Having a Budget

Any landscape and design project requires a considerable amount of money to pull off. When creating a plan for your landscape project, ensure you incorporate a budget.

Setting a budget for your project ensures that whatever you invest in your landscaping translates into solid results. It also helps keep your finances in check so that you don’t overspend on your landscaping. What’s more, budgeting can be fun and exciting since brings you one step closer to your dream lawn.

When crafting your landscaping project budget, start by deciding how much money you’re willing to spend on your landscaping project. Quote a definite figure and let it guide your budgeting. Your final spending should fall within this range, but allow a little extra for unexpected expenses.

A proper budget will help you avoid a financial disaster down the line. Without one, you could end up overspending, or your project could stall right in the middle because of a lack of funds.

Overlooking the Yard Functions

Most people get too caught up in the visual aspect of landscaping and toss the functional bit to the backburner. Remember, aside from your lawn looking good, it must also serve specific functions. For instance, your lawn must also serve as a playing area for your pets and kids, or maybe act as a food garden.

While choosing your garden ornamentals and hedges, don’t forget that your yard serves specific functions. Ensure you integrate these functions while creating a plan for your landscape installation. Otherwise, you might have to revamp your project at a later stage, which will cost you a ton of money.

Failing to Define Areas

It’s important to clearly define spaces in your lawn, especially if you have a large lawn. This doesn’t necessarily mean using actual physical barriers like fences or hedges. You can plan the layout so that even guests know what specific function each area of your lawn serves.

This is not only great for visual appeal but will also make your yard more welcoming. A proper lawn layout also lays the groundwork for future landscaping projects and improvements.

Failing to Trim the Hedges

In that same breath, failing to trim your hedges is an absolute no-no, especially if you use them to define your boundaries. Landscape trees and plants look lovely, but only if you don’t let them grow out of control. Always trim your hedges so that they remain neat and improve your lawn’s visual appeal.

Hedge-trimming isn't exactly the most exciting job in the world, but it’s something you have to do. If you find it too taxing, you should consider buying a power hedge trimmer, preferably a cordless one. It makes work a lot easier and faster compared to using a traditional hedge trimmer.

While trimming your hedges, make sure to peek inside between the individual plants for weeds. Weeds will throw off your hedges’ aesthetic appeal and also disrupt their growth. In case of any weeds, purchase a selective weed killer to get rid of them.

Having Too Many Garden Ornaments

Garden ornaments are great for lawn aesthetics, but having too many of them does the opposite effect. For the best results, make sure you only get enough garden ornaments that adorn your yard but don’t overwhelm it.

One trick to ensure you have just enough ornaments is to buy only pricey and high-quality ornaments. This will make an excellent first impression on your guests and also limit the number of ornaments you buy. Of course, homeowners with fat pockets are the exceptions, in this case.

Steer clear of cheap plastic garden ornaments, or have only a couple of them. Too many of them will draw attention away from other beautiful elements of your landscape.

Hiring the Wrong Design and Build Landscape Services

There’s no shortage of landscaping companies in the US. In fact, simply Googling “landscape design and installation near me” will expose you to dozens of them eager to help you with your landscaping project. However, don’t make the mistake of hiring the wrong landscaping company.

You need to find a company with experienced staff and proper landscaping project equipment. Don’t also forget to also check out online reviews and testimonials to find the best company for your needs.

Here are a couple of tips on finding a good landscape installation company for your landscaping project. Don’t settle for anything less than the best.

Including Ugly and Unnecessary Features

Just because all your neighbors have fountains on their lawns, it doesn’t mean you should also get one. Only get ornaments and installations that fit into your yard and match your style. Lawn peer pressure will only leave you with an ugly and disjointed lawn.

Avoid These Landscape Installation Mistakes at All Costs

The above landscape installation mistakes could compromise your entire landscaping project. Ensure you steer clear of them for your project to sail through. Also, remember that the final result is only as good as the company you hire for your landscaping.

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